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realizations and Edward Sharpe

The teachers’ work room on a Wednesday morning.
The physics teacher next to me looking at excel documents, formulas and calculations.
I’m sitting, feet up on my desk, reading a short story that I’m thinking about letting my students read.

I’m realizing, more every day, that I chose the right subject to study at university. Although I didn’t feel that way at all for the first year or so at uni. And I still don’t know what I will do with this BA in English.  I won’t be a teacher forever I think.
Still – it feels good to be content about the decisions I’ve made.

LOVE this song.
It was on repeat at my house for a few weeks this summer. While I sat by the computer writing the thesis.
I still like it so much. It makes me smile and want to dance and sing very loudly.



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The life of a university student

Being a university students has it’s advantages. I don’t have any classes on Thursdays and Fridays and yesterday I decided to get out of town and head “home”, give myself a long weekend. So I am skipping school as we speak. Love it!

And I think I’m getting old. On Monday I went to bed before 11 pm. BEFORE 11 PM. Yup. That hasn’t happened since… ehh.. Can’t even remember. And as a result I was up around 7.30 am and I didn’t even have a class until 11.30.

And from one thing to another…. I am currently reading the third book in Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy. Ehm.. I don’t know what it’s called in English. “Luftkastellet der blev sprængt” it’s called in Danish. I wanted to read it in Swedish but I couldn’t find a copy. (My friend google has informed that it’s called The girl who kicked the Hornet’s nest – wtf!)
Anyway… I’ve found myself laughing outloud more than once reading the book because of the endless details Larsson describes. “the man had coffee and one slice of bread, with cheese and a little bit of orange marmalade”. Completely useless information! The characters drink a lot of coffee and eat a lot of bread with it. These details are maybe the reason why the books look like a good piece of brick.

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I’ve got some reading to do

I finally got round to buying the rest of the textbooks for this semester.


I have to get through this stack this semester. Actually there’s one book missing, the syntax book I need to buy is sold out. Yeah seriously, sold out…
And as you might guess I’m studying English – but that does not mean my English is perfect, so bear with me 😉 This stack doesn’t look so bad to me, I’m still very enthusiastic about my classes and determined to study hard and so on. Let’s see how I feel in a few weeks time!

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School again

I think I’ve finally reached a decision about which courses to take.  And I’m taking more than enough of courses! There will be a LOT to do this semester, with work and all. I might being taking on too much but we’ll have to see. And for the first time since I started university I have some sort of plan, a goal. I want to finish this damn BA in English!
So these next few months will mainly consist of reading, work and reading some more. Or at least they should. And I don’t mind so terribly much.
But first thing’s first – I’m going to Copenhagen on wednesday! Haven’t really had the time to think about it really or look forward to it and there’s a lot I have to do and sort out before I go. The only thing I’ve thought of and decided is that I am going to buy my favorite magazine to read on the plane! That’s the only thing I’ve planned..

I like the autumn.

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I think it’s official now – There’s nobody in the whole wide universe that is worse at making decisions than me. I’m the worst decisionmaker that ever was! It’s not so much that I make bad decisions – I just can’t decide. Anything. Uni started last monday and I’ve been full of decision making anxiety since than and my head hurts from all the thinking I’ve been doing. I can’t decide which courses to take, you see. Whether to take as many courses as I possibly can this term so I can concentrate on my BA next term, or whether to take more literature classes than lingustic classes, or what I should write about in my BA and so on and so forth. My head is spinning. The social phobic in me also doesn’t want to take classes that involves group work, discussion and sharing of my writing. But the sensible voice in my head says I should go for the challenge.
I’m pathetic… And I’m fully aware that this is what can be called a luxurious problem.
And I miss my summerjob and the people there.

Random fact: I really like the movie “About a boy” and the soundtrack from it.

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