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Happiness hit her like a train on a track

I’m alive and kicking. And I think I might be autistic –  musically autistic at least. I’m still listening to Florence and the Machine’s ‘Dog days are over’ about a 100 times a day and it’s about the only song I listen to. I’m not yet bored with it.
Have I mentioned how much I like Florence’s red hair?

Another thing I like:

Six Feet Under.
I only saw a few episodes of it when it was on TV and now I’ve watched the first three series in a very short time… embarassingly short time really. But it’s just so great. I love the characters and it’s simply a very well written show.
Well. Must. Go. Watch. Six feet under.



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The things I don’t like

Just got home from a rather unpleasant day at school. Unpleasant because it involved group work which is not something that the crazy social phobic in me likes doing! The teachers of this class I’m taking randomly put together some groups and today I met my group for the first time. None of us knew each other before this so this was the awkward first meeting.  And we had to try and decide on a subject for our project while getting to know each other and all that.

Blah. Enough of that.
Now I’m going to supress all thoughts about group work and just watch Big Love.

The song I mentioned in the last post is still playing in my head.

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A bit of Fry…

I have been a bit obsessed about Stephen Fry lately. Well, to the extent that my friends have started making fun of me. In december I discovered QI, a quiz show he hosts – I encourage you to check it out if you don’t know it, and watched every single episode of it . I also watched his documentary about manic depression recently and I’ve even listened to some radio programs he has made for the BBC, including Fry’s English delight. Which I enjoyed very much, I mean, Fry + language = I like! Moreover I have recently watched his Stephen Fry in America shows.
AND, last night Stephen Fry even appeared in my dreams!
Crazy I say!

Also, all the QI watching led to the discovery of lots of British comedians (A new obsession in the making?) Consequently, many an hour of the past few weeks has been spent watching all sorts of clips on youtube. Youtube was a devoted friend of mine during the neverending flu. Thanks Youtube!
British comedy. I like it.

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Almost there

The only Christmas decorations in my appartment. Well, apart from the Advent “wreath”.
I love these red lights.

Today is the last day of studying for me! The last final exam is tomorrow. In the past 2-3 weeks I have written 1 essay, taken 5 exams and done one final assignment. And my mental state is surprisingly good! Only one more exam to go.
I get the feeling though that I’ll be watching more QI than studying today.

QI, along with Stephen Fry, is my latest favorite. Funny. Yes.
Thanks to Stephen Fry for keeping me happy through the exams!

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