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An open letter to a volcano

Dear Eyjafjallajokull,

I would really appreciate it if you could relax a little next week. Don’t you need a break?
The thing is, I need to be able to go to London on Thursday. Well, strictly speaking I don’t NEED to go there but I would like it oh so much. Plus, the hotel room we booked is non-refundable.
You could also just stop erupting… I don’t mean to hurt your feelings but people are getting really annoyed with you.
Hope you take this into consideration.

Yours sincerely,


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Hotels…and more

Oh, yes. I’m going to London. We decided this on Sunday and are going on Thursday next week.
Three cheers for making things happen! This will be my first time in London and I’m very,very,very excited. Embarassingly excited really.
The only thing is…that we don’t really know where to stay. We booked a hotel yesterday but when doing some research I found out that it is probably not a very nice hotel… I found some horrible reviews. So we are thinking about cancelling that and booking something else. It’s just so hard to know which hotels are decent and which are, well, not so decent. Because they all look just fine on their websites!

Well. Off to watch Jeeves & Wooster.

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Spontaneous decisions

Next week…

I might just throw up with excitement.

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Copenhagen and lime

Number one: Today I bought tickets to Copenhagen! Yay! I’m going in September and I’ll be staying there for a few days visiting my lovely cousin that lives there. Can’t wait. It will be nice to get away from this island for a bit.

Number two: I had four days off this weekend and it feels like I have been away from work for ten days or something. I managed to do a lot in this weekend. Spent two days “at home”, at my hometown. And two days here in Reykjavik, enjoying the weather and playing a tourist 😉 Yesterday I went too yet another art museum that I’ve never been too. Very interesting. And I travelled a bit around town on my bike. Then I got my friend E to come with me to Reykjavik Zoo. It was fun! It’s not a very exotic zoo to say the least, only Icelandic farm animals and a few wild native ones.

Here’s me talking to some friends I made:
007Shortly after that the sheep on the right got it’s head stuck in between the bars. Sheep are not the most intelligent of animals… For a moment there I thought I would have to get a zoo employee and tell them that I had got their sheep stuck in the fence… But I managed to free my friend in the end.

After that E and I ate dinne at the best burger place in Reykjavík – simply called the Burger joint. Love that place!

Number 3: I got this weird craving at work tonight: I really wanted water with lime. I don’t think I’ve ever really tasted that before! But do you know what, water is a lot more interesting with a few slices of lime in it!

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