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Real and fake Fridays

Yesterday was kind of my Friday. I walked around in the nice spring weather, chilled and then spent the evening with my favorite married couple and their baby, which is my new best friend and the cutest kid I know. In my own completely objective opinion… It was such a nice evening. We had steak and drank strange kinds of beer (I like beer-tasting!), ate cheesecake and played with the baby. Beer and baby might sound as a strange mix but I assure you, the nursing mother only had a few sips…
It’s so funny that when you’re around a baby then nothing is as great as getting a smile from the baby. And I will do all sorts of silly things to make him laugh. And I love it when he does.

But the real Friday, today that is, was a day of staring at my computer, searching databases and being generally frustrated. Doing research for an essay is, well, not fun.

Hey, I took my bike out today for the first time this year! I’m pretty confident that there will be no more snow this winter.
Well, back to the databases…
(Another crazy friday night at my house – hah)


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My wandering mind

I have come to the conclusion that some days must have fewer hours in them than others. It must be!
Today was one of those short days. I watched 3 episodes of Six Feet Under and had dinner with a friend – that doesn’t take 12 hours does it? What did I do with the rest of the day?!

I like these dresses so much (Yes, I’ve stopped talking about the mysterious “short days” case – my mind wanders…)

I particularly like the bottom one. I have a thing for big, flowing sleeves.
These are from H&M’s Garden Collection and apparently they’re sold out. Online – at least. I might have to send some friends or relatives abroad out hunting for them in an actual H&M store.

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