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The only girl in the world

Thanksgiving celebrations went well. Although I did discover yesterday that Thanksgiving is not at all next Thursday like I had somehow convinced myself of! But the turkey tasted good nonetheless… We didn’t have a whole turkey though, we just bought two turkey breasts. We felt it was too much work cooking a whole turkey last year.
My least favorite part of yesterday was definetely the cooking – I was reminded of how much I dislike cooking. Seriously. But the food was SOOO delicious. So it was kind of worth it..
 I had a fantastic evening with my friends and I laughed so hard at so many things. I know some silly people.

This evening on the other hand has been spent working and listening to Rihanna on repeat.
The song of today:

Only girl in the world



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  • I complained about Mondays earlier this week. Well, I cannot complain about Fridays. I have no classes to teach so I can stay at home, sleep in and do some preparing and grading.  Which is what I did today. I’m about halfway through a stack of grammar exams that need to be graded.  Yay.
    Well, I like grammar. So it’s fine.
  • My toes are cold – they have been freezing all day. It’s so cold outside!
  • Tomorrow: thanksgiving! OK, I know it’s not until next Thursday but me and my friends are doing Thanksgiving tomorrow. My friend’s coworker asked her why on earth we were taking up this American custom. Well, why not? It’s simply a fun excuse to do something with our friends; eat good food and have fun. We did this last year and it was a success so I think we have established a tradition.
  • This week’s discovery: every “The Unbelivable Truth” episode ever on Youtube. I love you YouTube. And I do love Radio 4. David Mitchell is a favourite too.

And these were the random thought of today!

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Some pics

Some photos from our thanksgiving festivities the other day. Or ages ago…

Elisabet didn’t have a bigger table cloth…

sweet potatos and marshmallows

Eating. Yum. Cowboy Darri came…


The bird after we were done with it…

The hostesses. We tend to break out in dance and song. Bjorn snapped a photo of us, I think we are doing some Daydream Believer here. I’m the one on the left.

Great night. I think we have established a tradition. Which maybe isn’t so good as I hate cooking…

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Ups and downs

I’m making school worry me too much these days. Endlessly and always thinking about it.
I wish I could sometimes stop thinking.
But what makes me happy these days is the Thanksgiving dinner me and my friend Elisabet are having on Saturday. It’s going to be a grand dinner party for us and our friends. We are having great fun planning it – in details! (I’m talking outfits, playlist, decorations, silly games… everything)
We are trying to do it as American as we can. But I’m having troubles with side dishes. What do you eat with turkey?


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