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The pretty (plexi) things

Went looking for some Christmas presents today
I mostly saw things I wanted to buy for myself!
This Christmas shopping thing can be dangerous…
I didn’t buy anything though, for myself that is, just some presents.
Most of the things I that I liked were necklaces and bracelets made of plexiglass!
I have a strange obsession with plexiglass.

I wanted these things among others:

Necklace from Stáss, to go with my earrings.

An Iceland-shaped necklace! Can be bought at Naked Ape store

Necklace by IngaBjörk.

Bracelets made by Hulda


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Oh happy day

The last exam was today and went surprisingly well.
After that I visited my cutest little friend, who is seven weeks old today. What better way to celebrate the end of exams? And since I last saw him he has learned how to smile. And that almost made my cry. Cute, cute, cute boy!
When I managed to tear myself from the baby, and his mother, I went to one of my most hated places: a mall.
But I made christmas-shopping bearable by buying lots of stuff for myself as well… haha.
I bought:
Christmas tea
(which tastes like chocolate, cinnamon, cranberries, almonds and clover. Yum)
pink mascara!
(I am a 5 year old sometimes)
beautiful Emilio Cavallini tights – in yellow!

And when I came home, Claras Christmas-magazine was here. So I made some Christmas tea, listened to The Nutcracker and read the magazine
I am still smiling.

It’s Christmas soon!

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Hey, big spender

Went downtown yesterday to see a little bit of the Gay Pride parade. The parade was colorful and the town was full of happy smiling people.  Took a few (bad) photos.
Shortly after that I got a little claustrophobic and got myself away from the main street. It was getting waaaaay too crowded. And I don’t like that.
Instead I took a picture of my favorite tree which is located downtown Reykjavik:
Unfortunately the tree is located at a quite unattractive streetcorner. Wish I could move it to a nice park or something!

Today I accidentally spent lots of money. Well, maybe not lots… but compared to what I usually spend it’s quite a lot. You see, I went to the mall, to go grocery shopping and I ended up buying a blender, pants and a top. Yes, and a house-warming gift for my friend Elisabet. I bought her a Moomin mug – love them! See here. But they are quite expensive, at least here in Iceland where everything is expensive these days. I also bought her a guest-book for her appartment.
And the clothes I bought are the first clothes I’ve bought since January – beat that!

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