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Gadgets + running and Grace??!

I got a late birthday present the other day – a Polar heart rate monitor (or a pulse monitor if you will).
It looks like a wristwatch

I love new gadgets!
It’s a really neat gadget to use when running, which btw I’ve taken up lately. I’m very bad at it, but getting better.
I’m at the stage in my running where I find running 20 minutes straight a major accomplishment. I mean really major!
More about running later maybe.
And what is the deal with Grace Coddington? I mentioned her in a post months ago and now suddenly lots and lots of people are finding that post when googling her name. Why did everybody suddenly become so interested in Grace Coddington?!


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Went out for a run earlier today.
Got attacked by hundreds of these:

Arctic Tern (pic: birdforum.net)

I hate, hate, HATE these birds. They are the most annoying, aggressive horrible animals. They hovered above my head making horrible noises. None managed to touch me though, although more than a few came close.
I won’t be running this route again! Well, not at least until these killer birds head south for the winter…

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Sunday night

Lovely weekend. I went to a great graduation party yesterday. My best friend and her mother were both graduating with a bachelors degree and threw an awesome party. I’m still thinking about the food, yummy! Pics later, when I get my camera back. Wine can make you forget things around town!

Went out for a run tonight (well, I mostly walked… but jogged a bit inbetween). Jogged by the sea in the wonderful weather. There was NO wind, seriously, no wind! That doesn’t happen often on this windy island. I love the summers in Iceland. I could mention more than a few bad things about this island (especially at times like these) but the summers make it worth it living here. There’s nothing like a beautiful Icelandic summerevening.

I downloaded the podcast from this site and listened to it while running. This couch to 5K is a really cool program, I think and it’s nice to have somone telling you when to run and when to rest. This was my first time doing this and hopefully i’ll keep doing the program. But I wouldn’b be surprised if this was my first and only time tonight… I’m lazy you know!

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