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Goodbye July

High on caffeine, that’s what I am right now.
In a planning mode also. Just made a July plan and put up on a wall (It’s called procrastinating kids… I’m the queen of it)
I’ve finally completely decided the topic for my BA thesis and first draft is due at the end of July. And I haven’t written a word yet! So you know what I’ll be doing in July. Along with working quite a lot. And I’m also going camping one weekend and I really wanted to go to my beloved hometown some weekend in July . I also need to do a lot of running!
July hasn’t even started and I already feel that it is too short!
I don’t have to sleep in July do I?


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I’m always a little bit surprised when people comment onĀ  my posts. I get shy. But it’s great though. Good to know that there is somebody out there!
I’m gonna be a housewife on saturday, cooking and baking all day long. And I hate baking and cooking. At least I don’t like it very much. Haha.

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