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I celebrated my birthday just over a week ago. Yes, before my actual birthday.

I made cupcakes – with great help though!

I tried to get people drunk on jello shots – but failed. They tasted baaaad.

I “kindly” asked my friends for some entertainment for the party. These two awesome people fulfilled my wish and sang me some songs.


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The weekend

Some pictures from the weekend
003We put up tents in the middle of our street.


There was food!


Everybody decorating theirselves in the proper color. Blue for life! Yep, we all had a blue ribbon tied around our head. We are a seriously cool street.


And then everybody got together in our small park. Here are some of the pink ones, they were quite lively!


Some yellow people. Their neighbourhood got a prize for the best decorations.
Got to love the small town life šŸ˜‰

This week is full of 11 hour workdays. So I don’t have that much time for myself. But I don’t mind actually, I kind of love my work. The days go by so quickly. I can hardly believe that it’s thursday tomorrow, It was Thursday yesterday wasn’t it?!

Hey, the trip to the wool factory last week was AWESOME. It was so cool to see how the wool, straight from the sheep, becomes the skeins of yarn I handle everyday at work. AND, the best thing was that we got a preview of their (Istex) new knitting magazine, Lopi 29, that comes out at the end of the month. And all of us, the wool and knitting nerds we are, drooled. All of the designs were amazing. I want to knit it all!

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Long weekends are lovely! I have 4 days off from work, friday-monday, and I’m enjoying it thoroughly already. Went “home” yesterday. To my hometown that is and am staying at my parents house. There’s a town festival hereĀ this weekend and everybody is in a great mood. The weather is amazing andĀ people are decorating their houses and the streets. I love my small town šŸ™‚ For the weekend the town is divided into a few sections and each section has it’s own color. So we have a red neighbourhood, yellow neighbourhood and so on. I live in the blue neighbourhood and wherever you look there’s something blue. I’ve been walking around town, dropping in at friends’ and family’s houses. So much fun. Pics later!

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Party crazyness

Can you get enough of parties? Well, I went to a wedding yesterday and today I’m going to a graduation party. Actually, I’m invited to two of those but I’m not sure if I’ll make it to the second one. These last few weeks seem to have been full of parties and fun. Not sure what to do for the rest of the summer when this party frenzy is over!

The wedding was nice. But I’m not the one to talk to about weddings, I find them silly. Yes, I’m cold-hearted and cynical… kill me. No, I’m romantic, really, and I like the idea of marriage but these traditional weddings can be so over-the-top and crazy. I don’t like all these traditions, like the long white dress,Ā  and the church ceremony is a strange show in my eyes. It makes me feel silly. I could go on and on about this but I’m going to stop for now… I don’t think I would ever do this myself but I try to respect other peoples decisions and choices.
I didn’t take any photos at the wedding. During the ceremony there were a lot of guests running around with cameras and it kind of got on my nerves. I found it really disrupting and rude.

I should start getting ready for the next party!

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Tuesday night drinks

Tomorrow is a national holiday (our national day) so today is perfect for partying!
Waiting for some friends to come over and we’re going to make mojitos. Yay.


This is a strawberry mojito that me and my friend E made the other day. I know it looks more like a tomato soup than a mojito but I swear it tasted good!

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Party pictures

Mostly photos of food! – from the graduation party on saturday.


Mmmm, cake!

All the food was homemade (I actually helped making a lot of it, believe it or not)

Lots of nice gifts. Maybe I should get this bachelor degree overwith?

Pretty, shiny, red shoes – unfortunately not mine

And that’s me. I know, mirror poses are something only 15 year olds do. Sorry. And my eyes look weird, like I’m drunk or something. But actually I wasn’t, the party wasn’t even started at his point.


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Sunday night

Lovely weekend. I went to a great graduation party yesterday. My best friend and her mother were both graduating with a bachelors degree and threw an awesome party. I’m still thinking about the food, yummy! Pics later, when I get my camera back. Wine can make you forget things around town!

Went out for a run tonight (well, I mostly walked… but jogged a bit inbetween). Jogged by the sea in the wonderful weather. There was NO wind, seriously, no wind! That doesn’t happen often on this windy island. I love the summers in Iceland. I could mention more than a few bad things about this island (especially at times like these) but the summers make it worth it living here. There’s nothing like a beautiful Icelandic summerevening.

I downloaded the podcast from this site and listened to it while running. This couch to 5K is a really cool program, I think and it’s nice to have somone telling you when to run and when to rest. This was my first time doing this and hopefully i’ll keep doing the program. But I wouldn’b be surprised if this was my first and only time tonight… I’m lazy you know!

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