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Today, today.

Today I woke up singing “We built this city (on rock and roll)”. I honestly don’t know why. I sure don’t have been listening to that song! My strange head does this sometimes. I often wake up with random songs on my brain. Strange indeed.

Today I did something that I have meant to do for months… pulled out a sewing machine and did some work on a woolen sweater I knitted months ago. Then I took said sweater and finally washed it and blocked it. And now it is lying on my table and causing my appartment to smell like I have been washing sheep in here.

Today I had pancakes for dinner. That was awesome! They were at least fairly healthy, I made them out of oatmeal, wholewheat, agave syrup and light AB yoghurt. And lots of cinnamon! No sugar or butter.
Good stuff.



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Knitting problems

My brother mentioned the other day that he wanted a pair of woolen socks. I instantly volunteered to the task. (My knitting-confidence has been quite high since I finished BSJ…) Well, I reached the heel of the first sock when I discovered that I actually don’t know how to knit a heel.  I’ve done some google-ing and youtube-ing and ravelry research and this simply seems to be above my understanding. I just don’t get this.  ANNOYING. Very much.
But I’m not giving up. The next thing: Get mum’s help!

3 great things to do on a Monday:
-eating lovely, yummy Indian food with my friend D
-finishing the Brit. Lit. exam
-20 minutes powernap before dinner

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Sunday sunday – and knitting!

I’m kind of tired after a long work weekend. I really do not like working on weekends. I need my days off! But luckily I get four days off in stead next weekend. That is if my boss won’t trick me into working. She can be very persuasive and I’m going to say NO. Note to self: say NO.

I’ve been thinking about knitting quite a lot, projects I want to do and such. I’m still knitting that sweater I started a few weeks ago. I’m not very enthusiastic about it to tell the truth. But I’m stubborn and I want to finish it before I start something else. I have a long list of possible projects lined up!
For example I would really like to make something out of this yarn:

This is Icelandic laceweight yarn in yummy colors. I just want to eat it! It is homedyed and called nammi (candy).  A suitable name! Check it out here

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The weekend

Some pictures from the weekend
003We put up tents in the middle of our street.


There was food!


Everybody decorating theirselves in the proper color. Blue for life! Yep, we all had a blue ribbon tied around our head. We are a seriously cool street.


And then everybody got together in our small park. Here are some of the pink ones, they were quite lively!


Some yellow people. Their neighbourhood got a prize for the best decorations.
Got to love the small town life 😉

This week is full of 11 hour workdays. So I don’t have that much time for myself. But I don’t mind actually, I kind of love my work. The days go by so quickly. I can hardly believe that it’s thursday tomorrow, It was Thursday yesterday wasn’t it?!

Hey, the trip to the wool factory last week was AWESOME. It was so cool to see how the wool, straight from the sheep, becomes the skeins of yarn I handle everyday at work. AND, the best thing was that we got a preview of their (Istex) new knitting magazine, Lopi 29, that comes out at the end of the month. And all of us, the wool and knitting nerds we are, drooled. All of the designs were amazing. I want to knit it all!

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Hula hoop!

Do you know what’s fun? Exercising with a hula hoop! I have a pink hula hoop that my friend gave me for fun last year. Used to love these as a kid. Been using it a bit recently and it’s more of a workout than I thought!

I have been thinking a  lot about food and exercise recently. Found  Caitlin’s and Meghann’s blogs by chance the other day and they are really inspiring. They blog about healthy living, what they eat and their exercises and they are both great fun to read. And they make me wanna run and eat healthy!


Tomorrow I am going to a wool factory with my workplace, just to see how everything works and how they do things. As a wool and knitting nerd I’m am embarassingly excited about that… Hope it will be fun.

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I have  been working a lot these past few days and the weekend was all about work. I even had to go to work at 8 o’clock this morning. That must be against the law! It should be at least, waking up so early on Sundays is not my favorite thing.
I still managed to do some fun things though. Went out to dinner with some friends on friday and was invited to dinner at my friends’ house yesterday. I haven’t cooked in ages I must admit… And my fridge looks kind of depressing these days, I haven’t been to a grocery store for a while now. Hopefully I’ll be able to do that tomorrow.

I bought some wool on friday. It can be dangerous to work at a store that sells yarn! But luckily the Icelandic wool is not very expensive, compared to other yarn.
I decided to try the Plötulopi now, the unspun yarn from Istex. That’s a first time for me and I have to say it’s easier than I thought. And it’s really soft.
It was a quiet weekend at work so I managed to knit quite a lot.

The wool and the beginning of a sweater!

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Knitting in public

The parties are over. I now have NO parties on my calendar – only work, work and some more work.

Today I took part in some public knitting.  A bunch of knitters met up outside the Nordic house here in Reykjavik to celebrate the World wide knit in public day. Check it out here. It started raining after a while so we went inside and kept on knitting. It was a nice event, knitters are cool!
Photos I took today:


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