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Some pics

Some photos from our thanksgiving festivities the other day. Or ages ago…

Elisabet didn’t have a bigger table cloth…

sweet potatos and marshmallows

Eating. Yum. Cowboy Darri came…


The bird after we were done with it…

The hostesses. We tend to break out in dance and song. Bjorn snapped a photo of us, I think we are doing some Daydream Believer here. I’m the one on the left.

Great night. I think we have established a tradition. Which maybe isn’t so good as I hate cooking…


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Camping trip

Nice weather, beautiful country, awesome friends, lots of laughing. Fun!

We stuffed the Volvo. There was almost no room for us! We picnicked. Put up our tent at a beautiful place. We played cards. Attempted to grill some hot dogs. Failed at grilling hot dogs… Boiled hot dogs.


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Long weekends are lovely! I have 4 days off from work, friday-monday, and I’m enjoying it thoroughly already. Went “home” yesterday. To my hometown that is and am staying at my parents house. There’s a town festival here this weekend and everybody is in a great mood. The weather is amazing and people are decorating their houses and the streets. I love my small town 🙂 For the weekend the town is divided into a few sections and each section has it’s own color. So we have a red neighbourhood, yellow neighbourhood and so on. I live in the blue neighbourhood and wherever you look there’s something blue. I’ve been walking around town, dropping in at friends’ and family’s houses. So much fun. Pics later!

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