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The only girl in the world

Thanksgiving celebrations went well. Although I did discover yesterday that Thanksgiving is not at all next Thursday like I had somehow convinced myself of! But the turkey tasted good nonetheless… We didn’t have a whole turkey though, we just bought two turkey breasts. We felt it was too much work cooking a whole turkey last year.
My least favorite part of yesterday was definetely the cooking – I was reminded of how much I dislike cooking. Seriously. But the food was SOOO delicious. So it was kind of worth it..
 I had a fantastic evening with my friends and I laughed so hard at so many things. I know some silly people.

This evening on the other hand has been spent working and listening to Rihanna on repeat.
The song of today:

Only girl in the world



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Real and fake Fridays

Yesterday was kind of my Friday. I walked around in the nice spring weather, chilled and then spent the evening with my favorite married couple and their baby, which is my new best friend and the cutest kid I know. In my own completely objective opinion… It was such a nice evening. We had steak and drank strange kinds of beer (I like beer-tasting!), ate cheesecake and played with the baby. Beer and baby might sound as a strange mix but I assure you, the nursing mother only had a few sips…
It’s so funny that when you’re around a baby then nothing is as great as getting a smile from the baby. And I will do all sorts of silly things to make him laugh. And I love it when he does.

But the real Friday, today that is, was a day of staring at my computer, searching databases and being generally frustrated. Doing research for an essay is, well, not fun.

Hey, I took my bike out today for the first time this year! I’m pretty confident that there will be no more snow this winter.
Well, back to the databases…
(Another crazy friday night at my house – hah)

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I was at my friend Darri’s house this Saturday, along with some friends.

Darri made pancakes.
Then I wandered into his room and saw this:

Darri’s collection of plaid short-sleeved shirts. (And to the left there were some more plaid shirts – with long sleeves)
It made me laugh.
Nothing says “Darri” like a plaid short-sleeved shirt.

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What I ate this weekend!

Well, I managed to find a birthday present for Elísabet. At the very last minute I might add.
I bought an Alvar Aalto bowl – she is a fellow Scandinavian enthusiast – and then I made a MixCD for her. With lots of “our songs”. Songs that remind me of her and are in my mind connected to her. Possibly the most random cd ever made! Elísabet’s party was really nice. Well, I wouldn’t really call it a party. Just friends having dinner and then cakes. The star of the party was our 4 months old friend Magnús. The cutest guest by far!
I spent the whole day yesterday hanging out with friends. Shopping, eating pancakes, drinking coffee, playing darts.
And today was also a day of drinking coffee and eating good stuff –  waffles this time! But now with my brothers, sister-in-law and some cousins.
So to sum it up: Weekend – food-cakes-friends.
And tonight I remembered that I am a university student and did a little bit of studying…

No sunday-blues this sunday!

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Wednesday Addams

Today was a good day for some unknown reason. I did everything with a smile. Or a slight smile at least; dishwashing, essay writing, working. Nothing annoyed me today.
And I felt spring today. Which is too early and kind of stupid. But although it was raining a bit it was just so nice and warm outside today and the snow has disappeared. Still, knowing the country I live in there will probably be snow and minus degrees next week. Wouldn’t surprise me.

Ahh. Summer. Summer colours. Taken last august on a beautiful day.

One more thing. Best friend is turning 25 on friday and I’m frantically searching for a good gift for her. Why do I always have to do everything last minute? Anyway, I don’t know what to give her.

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Lazy days

I’ve been extremely lazy these past few days.
I’m at the parents’ house, just lazing around; surfing the net mostly, I think I might have gone through the whole internet.
Then having coffee at friends’ houses. And not studying. Drinking too much coffee. The parents’ coffee maker is just too damn convenient. You get quality coffee simply at the press of a button. Which resulted in a slight queasyness yesterday.

Today I visited my friend Elisabet. We ate muffins and drank coke. And had heated discussions about mental health and religions for example. Heated discussions indeed! And then I helped her doing the dishes. It’s good when you can discuss and disagree and then just do the dishes.

And hey, we watched the movie “Hangover” yesterday. It was a pleasant surprise, I enjoyed it very much. I usually don’t like comedies (which makes me sound like the most boring person… – but it’s just that Hollywood comedies can be so stupid and silly) But this one was good.

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Some pics

Some photos from our thanksgiving festivities the other day. Or ages ago…

Elisabet didn’t have a bigger table cloth…

sweet potatos and marshmallows

Eating. Yum. Cowboy Darri came…


The bird after we were done with it…

The hostesses. We tend to break out in dance and song. Bjorn snapped a photo of us, I think we are doing some Daydream Believer here. I’m the one on the left.

Great night. I think we have established a tradition. Which maybe isn’t so good as I hate cooking…

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