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The only girl in the world

Thanksgiving celebrations went well. Although I did discover yesterday that Thanksgiving is not at all next Thursday like I had somehow convinced myself of! But the turkey tasted good nonetheless… We didn’t have a whole turkey though, we just bought two turkey breasts. We felt it was too much work cooking a whole turkey last year.
My least favorite part of yesterday was definetely the cooking – I was reminded of how much I dislike cooking. Seriously. But the food was SOOO delicious. So it was kind of worth it..
 I had a fantastic evening with my friends and I laughed so hard at so many things. I know some silly people.

This evening on the other hand has been spent working and listening to Rihanna on repeat.
The song of today:

Only girl in the world



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I celebrated my birthday just over a week ago. Yes, before my actual birthday.

I made cupcakes – with great help though!

I tried to get people drunk on jello shots – but failed. They tasted baaaad.

I “kindly” asked my friends for some entertainment for the party. These two awesome people fulfilled my wish and sang me some songs.

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The stars, the moon.

This is what last week was like;  me, sitting in front of my computer drinking coffee looking at powerpoint slides. Yes, I spent all last week (ahem… well, I should have) studying for exams. And now, they’re over! The last uni exams ever. Well, until I start my postgraduate degree… If and whenever that will be.

Coffee and my Little My mug. Love,love,love it. It’s the only mug I ever use for my coffee!

And speaking of coffee… Love this! Coffee & chocolate in one piece. Delicious. I might have eaten more than one of those last week while studying.

And yes, when I’m supposed to be studying I take all sorts of pointless pictures.

Now. Exams are over and done with but I still have an essay to write. To be handed in in a week or so.
So expect more pics of coffee and tables and food and computers!

Well, off to get on with my crazy saturday night…

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I no longer have a secret blog. I can’t keep a secret.
But that’s all right. Hæ Þórður, Elísabet og Darri!
Ef þið eruð þarna.

This is what I had for lunch. Looks delish doesn’t it?
It’s a green monster, like I’ve done before; spinach, milk and a banana. But this time I also threw in a bunch of various kinds of berries. Which are responsible for the quite repulsive colour of the drink.

It tasted good though!

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Today, today.

Today I woke up singing “We built this city (on rock and roll)”. I honestly don’t know why. I sure don’t have been listening to that song! My strange head does this sometimes. I often wake up with random songs on my brain. Strange indeed.

Today I did something that I have meant to do for months… pulled out a sewing machine and did some work on a woolen sweater I knitted months ago. Then I took said sweater and finally washed it and blocked it. And now it is lying on my table and causing my appartment to smell like I have been washing sheep in here.

Today I had pancakes for dinner. That was awesome! They were at least fairly healthy, I made them out of oatmeal, wholewheat, agave syrup and light AB yoghurt. And lots of cinnamon! No sugar or butter.
Good stuff.


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Some pics

Some photos from our thanksgiving festivities the other day. Or ages ago…

Elisabet didn’t have a bigger table cloth…

sweet potatos and marshmallows

Eating. Yum. Cowboy Darri came…


The bird after we were done with it…

The hostesses. We tend to break out in dance and song. Bjorn snapped a photo of us, I think we are doing some Daydream Believer here. I’m the one on the left.

Great night. I think we have established a tradition. Which maybe isn’t so good as I hate cooking…

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Ups and downs

I’m making school worry me too much these days. Endlessly and always thinking about it.
I wish I could sometimes stop thinking.
But what makes me happy these days is the Thanksgiving dinner me and my friend Elisabet are having on Saturday. It’s going to be a grand dinner party for us and our friends. We are having great fun planning it – in details! (I’m talking outfits, playlist, decorations, silly games… everything)
We are trying to do it as American as we can. But I’m having troubles with side dishes. What do you eat with turkey?


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