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I have something to say.
I have to get it out there.
First, I read quite a lot of fashion blogs. Mostly danish and swedish blogs. Lots of stylish scandinavian ladies out there.
And there is one item that seems to pop up a lot on all of these blogs: wedges.

(h&m, friis og co, topshop – respectively)

My opinion: I hate wedges! Well, hate is maybe a bit too strong. At least I am unable to see anything remotely beautiful about them. When I look at them I just see deformed shoes. Yes, deformed shoes. They just look like a big lump of something in my eyes.  These shoes are simply not aesthetically pleasing to me.
Maybe I’m just fashion-disabled or something.

I felt it was hugely important that the world got my opinion on wedges…


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My wandering mind

I have come to the conclusion that some days must have fewer hours in them than others. It must be!
Today was one of those short days. I watched 3 episodes of Six Feet Under and had dinner with a friend – that doesn’t take 12 hours does it? What did I do with the rest of the day?!

I like these dresses so much (Yes, I’ve stopped talking about the mysterious “short days” case – my mind wanders…)

I particularly like the bottom one. I have a thing for big, flowing sleeves.
These are from H&M’s Garden Collection and apparently they’re sold out. Online – at least. I might have to send some friends or relatives abroad out hunting for them in an actual H&M store.

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I want

I LOVE these glasses.
And I like the photo. And the other photos I’ve seen from this campaign – Tom Ford Eyewear Spring 2010
Tom Ford took the photos himself.
Nicholas Hoult is indeed a very good looking young man.

And I also want to see the movie Tom Ford directed, A Single Man. Starring Colin Firth.

It hasn’t reached cinemas on this desert island of mine, for some reason.

And this was the Tom Ford post of the day!

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The pretty (plexi) things

Went looking for some Christmas presents today
I mostly saw things I wanted to buy for myself!
This Christmas shopping thing can be dangerous…
I didn’t buy anything though, for myself that is, just some presents.
Most of the things I that I liked were necklaces and bracelets made of plexiglass!
I have a strange obsession with plexiglass.

I wanted these things among others:

Necklace from Stáss, to go with my earrings.

An Iceland-shaped necklace! Can be bought at Naked Ape store

Necklace by IngaBjörk.

Bracelets made by Hulda

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Just some shoes and stuff

I love my new shoes:


My business-man shoes!



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I need shoes. And I know exactly how they are supposed to look like. The thing is, I don’t know if there’s any store here in town that has something like I have in mind. Something like this:
Images_Low_2802-101-20Yeah, looks like a guy’s shoe… I know. These here are from Vagabond. And I love them.

I saw The September Issue the other day and enjoyed it very much. Grace Coddington, the fashion director of Vogue, is so fab. A very talented stylist with an eye for beauty. Respect!
I love documentaries. I’m curious about other people, embarassingly curious sometimes.

And from one thing to another… I found a new blog the other day. Underbara Clara (wonderful Clara). The blogger is a Swedish girl, who like Grace, has an eye for beauty. And even if you can’t read Swedish you can enjoy all her wonderful photos of all her pretty clothes and things. So very cute.

One last thing – I almost got killed by a Wordsworth poem today.

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