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SVal(x,”man”) iff man(x)

Semantics final in two hours. I feel like throwing up. I would have wanted a one more day to study.
Then why didn’t I start studying a day earlier. Why?


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Well, half an hour until the syntax final. I’m relaxed, I hope I’m not overestimating my syntax skills!
I overslept this morning and I feel like it is Monday for some reason.

Here’s my extremely minimalistic Advent “wreath”. It’s Christmas soon.

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Long time

Wow, I haven’t been here for a while. Just haven’t been feeling very blog..ish… Yeah, that’s a word.

And it’s December. Does anyone know where all this time goes?
I have some pictures from the Thanksgiving party I want to put up here. Preferably before Christmas!

My end of term exam have started. I had my first one today and also handed in an essay. Now there are only five exams to go and one assignment… This crazyness ends on the 17th.
It’s not that bad actually, I like being able to concentrate on one subject at a time. And only having the exams, no lectures.
I’m so extremely tired right now. I was up until about 3 am studying. I feel like I have been running around work for 12 hours or something.

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