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A Green Monster

OK. So, again I’m uploading pictures of oddly-coloured drinks.
This one is healthier than the last one though.
And it was my dinner tonight.  Inspired by Angela and her green monsters!  It contained milk, a banana, lots of spinach and ice.
The mixing of milk and spinach sounded horrendous to me at first but it tastes surprisingly good. You can’t really taste the spinach, just the banana.
Lots of vitamins, iron, and antioxidants.

Yes, indeed a wild Friday night at my house…


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The alcoholic housewife

Orange juice and Passoa liqueur.
I had two of those yesterday evening. Home alone in my bath-robe. I felt like an alcoholic housewife while drinking this and watching Grey’s anatomy. But I’m neither really. I just really wanted a beer but didn’t have any. So this was the solution. And I did call Elisabet and ask her if it was totally alcoholic to have a drink home alone on a wednesday night. (She’s 25 and wise now, you see…) She assured me it wasn’t.
It’s probably very obvious now that I’m not the wildest university student there is; making a big deal out of having a couple of drinks on a Wednesday night! I’m more of a tea drinker really…

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Tuesday night drinks

Tomorrow is a national holiday (our national day) so today is perfect for partying!
Waiting for some friends to come over and we’re going to make mojitos. Yay.


This is a strawberry mojito that me and my friend E made the other day. I know it looks more like a tomato soup than a mojito but I swear it tasted good!

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