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Well hello!

It’s back to reality now. I spent the last few days in Denmark – Copenhagen and in a small town in southern Denmark where many of my relatives live. And it was lovely! It’s not autumn yet in Denmark like here in Iceland so it was very nice to get some sun.

006Me and my cousin decided to play tourists for a day. She lives in Copenhagen and I’ve been there more than a few times but we had a great time. This is Nyhavn.


A lovely lunch, but expensive one – I hate the bloody Icelandic krona!


my cousin playing a tourist outside Amalienborg castle in Copenhagen, where the queen lives. By the way, royal families are the weirdest thing…


And speaking of royals… We went to the circus and there we met princess Mary. She’s very very pretty.


Chocolate milk and cake in one of Copenhagen’s lovely parks


The parks in Copenhagen are so very beautiful


Magstræde – one of my favorite streets in Copenhagen


Copenhagen is full of bikes, everywhere you look there are lots and lots of bikes and people on bikes. I like that.


The weather was nice

It was so good to get away from this country for a while. But it also make me realize what kind of crap the icelandic currency, the krona, is at the moment.
But now I have to go and read some poetry!


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School again

I think I’ve finally reached a decision about which courses to take.  And I’m taking more than enough of courses! There will be a LOT to do this semester, with work and all. I might being taking on too much but we’ll have to see. And for the first time since I started university I have some sort of plan, a goal. I want to finish this damn BA in English!
So these next few months will mainly consist of reading, work and reading some more. Or at least they should. And I don’t mind so terribly much.
But first thing’s first – I’m going to Copenhagen on wednesday! Haven’t really had the time to think about it really or look forward to it and there’s a lot I have to do and sort out before I go. The only thing I’ve thought of and decided is that I am going to buy my favorite magazine to read on the plane! That’s the only thing I’ve planned..

I like the autumn.

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Copenhagen and lime

Number one: Today I bought tickets to Copenhagen! Yay! I’m going in September and I’ll be staying there for a few days visiting my lovely cousin that lives there. Can’t wait. It will be nice to get away from this island for a bit.

Number two: I had four days off this weekend and it feels like I have been away from work for ten days or something. I managed to do a lot in this weekend. Spent two days “at home”, at my hometown. And two days here in Reykjavik, enjoying the weather and playing a tourist 😉 Yesterday I went too yet another art museum that I’ve never been too. Very interesting. And I travelled a bit around town on my bike. Then I got my friend E to come with me to Reykjavik Zoo. It was fun! It’s not a very exotic zoo to say the least, only Icelandic farm animals and a few wild native ones.

Here’s me talking to some friends I made:
007Shortly after that the sheep on the right got it’s head stuck in between the bars. Sheep are not the most intelligent of animals… For a moment there I thought I would have to get a zoo employee and tell them that I had got their sheep stuck in the fence… But I managed to free my friend in the end.

After that E and I ate dinne at the best burger place in Reykjavík – simply called the Burger joint. Love that place!

Number 3: I got this weird craving at work tonight: I really wanted water with lime. I don’t think I’ve ever really tasted that before! But do you know what, water is a lot more interesting with a few slices of lime in it!

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I miss you Copenhagen


Frederiksberg Park in Copenhagen. My friend Elisabet is climbing the tree.


Here’s E again. In one of my favorite streets in Copenhagen, Magstræde. It’s really old and beautiful.


And this is me picknicking in an other park, Kongens Have (The King’s park) Copenhagen has so many wonderful parks.

I was reading my favorite magazine today, Eurowoman. It’s Danish and it really made me miss Copenhagen and Denmark. It’s way too long since I’ve been there!

Currently listening to: The Juno soundtrack. The best.


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