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The stars, the moon.

This is what last week was like;  me, sitting in front of my computer drinking coffee looking at powerpoint slides. Yes, I spent all last week (ahem… well, I should have) studying for exams. And now, they’re over! The last uni exams ever. Well, until I start my postgraduate degree… If and whenever that will be.

Coffee and my Little My mug. Love,love,love it. It’s the only mug I ever use for my coffee!

And speaking of coffee… Love this! Coffee & chocolate in one piece. Delicious. I might have eaten more than one of those last week while studying.

And yes, when I’m supposed to be studying I take all sorts of pointless pictures.

Now. Exams are over and done with but I still have an essay to write. To be handed in in a week or so.
So expect more pics of coffee and tables and food and computers!

Well, off to get on with my crazy saturday night…


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This has been my life today and yesterday:

Syntax, coffee, gingerbread cookies and a little bit of chocolate. And study breaks, I’m really good at taking breaks. Actually, I think I spend more time on breaks than studying…

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Chocolate & coffee

This is me (not?) studying for tomorrow’s mid-term exam:


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I spent almost 10 hours at work today. But it wasn’t that bad actually, time just flew by. Lots of customers and a lot to do. It is safe to say that I was beat when I got home. I really just wanted to collapse on my sofa and watch tv but I managed to get myself outside and I went for a ride on my bike. The weather is beautiful right now, but not warm enough for me! I’m happy that I went outside, I don’t want my days to only consist of work and tv or something like that. I want to try and make the most of each day even though I’m working a lot. That’s my motto for the summer… 😉

Hey, I got an awesome present for my birthday last week (Well, I got a few but i particularly like this one!)
bodumBodum coffee maker (French press I think it’s called) just like this one. The coffee from it is so much better than from my ordinary coffee maker. Now I have two coffee makers. I didn’t even drink coffee until a few months ago!

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