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Monday night status update

Reading and grading essays
Drinking beer.
This one here. Christmas beer! It tastes kind of strange actually.
I’m not going to bed until I’ve finished all the grading for the term. Not much left though, 7 short essays.
I don’t have to hand in the grades until tomorrow night – before midnight. But it will be so nice waking up tomorrow not having to do any assignment/essay reading.
Christmas vacation is just around the corner. Yay!

Back to the essays.


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Christmas greetings

I just wanted to wish all of you who might stumble upon my little blog,  a very merry Christmas.
I’m celebrating Christmas tonight, on the 24th, as so many Europeans. Good food, way too many presents and a good time with relatives.

I borrowed the picture from Clara. I hope she doesn’t mind.

Gleðileg jól!

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Oh happy day

The last exam was today and went surprisingly well.
After that I visited my cutest little friend, who is seven weeks old today. What better way to celebrate the end of exams? And since I last saw him he has learned how to smile. And that almost made my cry. Cute, cute, cute boy!
When I managed to tear myself from the baby, and his mother, I went to one of my most hated places: a mall.
But I made christmas-shopping bearable by buying lots of stuff for myself as well… haha.
I bought:
Christmas tea
(which tastes like chocolate, cinnamon, cranberries, almonds and clover. Yum)
pink mascara!
(I am a 5 year old sometimes)
beautiful Emilio Cavallini tights – in yellow!

And when I came home, Claras Christmas-magazine was here. So I made some Christmas tea, listened to The Nutcracker and read the magazine
I am still smiling.

It’s Christmas soon!

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Well, half an hour until the syntax final. I’m relaxed, I hope I’m not overestimating my syntax skills!
I overslept this morning and I feel like it is Monday for some reason.

Here’s my extremely minimalistic Advent “wreath”. It’s Christmas soon.

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