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Gadgets + running and Grace??!

I got a late birthday present the other day – a Polar heart rate monitor (or a pulse monitor if you will).
It looks like a wristwatch

I love new gadgets!
It’s a really neat gadget to use when running, which btw I’ve taken up lately. I’m very bad at it, but getting better.
I’m at the stage in my running where I find running 20 minutes straight a major accomplishment. I mean really major!
More about running later maybe.
And what is the deal with Grace Coddington? I mentioned her in a post months ago and now suddenly lots and lots of people are finding that post when googling her name. Why did everybody suddenly become so interested in Grace Coddington?!


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I need shoes. And I know exactly how they are supposed to look like. The thing is, I don’t know if there’s any store here in town that has something like I have in mind. Something like this:
Images_Low_2802-101-20Yeah, looks like a guy’s shoe… I know. These here are from Vagabond. And I love them.

I saw The September Issue the other day and enjoyed it very much. Grace Coddington, the fashion director of Vogue, is so fab. A very talented stylist with an eye for beauty. Respect!
I love documentaries. I’m curious about other people, embarassingly curious sometimes.

And from one thing to another… I found a new blog the other day. Underbara Clara (wonderful Clara). The blogger is a Swedish girl, who like Grace, has an eye for beauty. And even if you can’t read Swedish you can enjoy all her wonderful photos of all her pretty clothes and things. So very cute.

One last thing – I almost got killed by a Wordsworth poem today.

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