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I no longer have a secret blog. I can’t keep a secret.
But that’s all right. Hæ Þórður, Elísabet og Darri!
Ef þið eruð þarna.

This is what I had for lunch. Looks delish doesn’t it?
It’s a green monster, like I’ve done before; spinach, milk and a banana. But this time I also threw in a bunch of various kinds of berries. Which are responsible for the quite repulsive colour of the drink.

It tasted good though!


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I’m always a little bit surprised when people comment on  my posts. I get shy. But it’s great though. Good to know that there is somebody out there!
I’m gonna be a housewife on saturday, cooking and baking all day long. And I hate baking and cooking. At least I don’t like it very much. Haha.

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