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Colours and patterns

I like colours and patterns
borrowed from one Rebecca Ward’s website. I have now forgot how I stumbled upon it. But I like it.


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The tourist

Today I have the day off (and tomorrow too actually) and with most of my friends and family out of town I had to entertain myself alone. So I decided to be a tourist in Reykjavik. The weather is great so I jumped on my bike and headed downtown. There I went to two museums I have never been to, visited the biggest church in Iceland, walked around, had coffee and enjoyed the weather. A lovely day.


Frappuccino, half a caramel cake and a magazine
Einar Jonsson museum – where I saw a lot of amazing sculptures

Thor fighting age

I liked the house as much as the sculptures. It’s old and beautiful and designed by the sculptor himself.
The other place I went to was the national gallery of Iceland. Interesting too. And actually quite funny that I’ve never been to either of these places.
It was fun being a tourist. At work I so often envy the tourists that come by. I love walking around a new place with a map in hand discovering new places. I didn’t need a map today but I certainly saw something new! 🙂 And maybe, maybe I will be a real tourist in September…

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