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Status update

Hometown tomorrow. Can’t wait to get out of this “city”.
I hesitate to call Reykjavik a city, it just isn’t one…
So, I’ll be here:

Although the weather probably won’t be as lovely as in the picture.
I’m going to take a break from thesis/work worries this weekend. At least for a day!

Thesis status: 1000 words down. Which means I’ve finished about 1/8 of the essay…
Oh, well.



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Panic (at the disco)

Now: Frantically trying to write a few pages in my thesis. Have to hand in about five pages on friday and I’m currently finding out that thesis writing is a dreadfully slow process for me.

Panic? Yes, because work is getting in the way!

Good: My bestest friend Elisabet who picks me up from work and cooks me dinner just so I can have more time to write. Do friends get any better than that? Don’t think so.

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I’m so tired

11 hours running around at work make me tired.
Plus my feet hurt.

That’s enough whining for the day.

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