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Sunday blues

Sometimes I just don’t like Sundays.
Don’t know why really. Today I spent time with good friends.
We drank coffee, had cake and laughed. Then good dinner with family.
But it still was one of those Sundays that I don’t like.
I’m such an emo-kid, you know…

In a few minutes March will be here. In case you didn’t know.
I’m in a Fleet Foxes mood


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Lazy days

I’ve been extremely lazy these past few days.
I’m at the parents’ house, just lazing around; surfing the net mostly, I think I might have gone through the whole internet.
Then having coffee at friends’ houses. And not studying. Drinking too much coffee. The parents’ coffee maker is just too damn convenient. You get quality coffee simply at the press of a button. Which resulted in a slight queasyness yesterday.

Today I visited my friend Elisabet. We ate muffins and drank coke. And had heated discussions about mental health and religions for example. Heated discussions indeed! And then I helped her doing the dishes. It’s good when you can discuss and disagree and then just do the dishes.

And hey, we watched the movie “Hangover” yesterday. It was a pleasant surprise, I enjoyed it very much. I usually don’t like comedies (which makes me sound like the most boring person… – but it’s just that Hollywood comedies can be so stupid and silly) But this one was good.

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Alice, redheads and other things

I am so very excited about Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland. I love the book and I’m also a big fan of Tim Burton. So the combination of the two should be good! Or so I hope.

Another thing. I would like to have the Queen’s nice red hair color. I’m a bit obsessed with red hair these days.

I ate too many muffins tonight.
Because I’m as mad as a hatter!

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Chocolate and potatoes (not together though)

I watched the movie “Chocolat” yesterday. Not for the first time! And that’s not because it is such a great movie (not bad either – but not GREAT), I just love all the chocolate in the movie! The chocolate is my favorite character in the film I think…

And while on the subject of food (chocolate IS food…). I am very much in love with sweet potatoes. I seriously think that without them I would starve to death. Or only eat yoghurt. And to think I only started to eat them about a year ago!

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Today has been ok

I went to see Emiliana Torrini play yesterday.
A wonderful concert. Emiliana is so charming and has an amazing voice.
And I love her songs.

I’m afraid that I’m not very eloquent today.

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Today is Wednesday

A bleak mood reigns.
I have had to change socks about 4 times today, due to holes and sauce spilling on socks.
I think that know-it-all twats with fake american accents should not be allowed to come to lectures.
I have for some reason travelled back to the 90’s musicwise. Nonstop Britpop at my house today.
Blur. Suede. Pulp. Oasis.

And I’m unable of writing a coherent text.


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I want

I LOVE these glasses.
And I like the photo. And the other photos I’ve seen from this campaign – Tom Ford Eyewear Spring 2010
Tom Ford took the photos himself.
Nicholas Hoult is indeed a very good looking young man.

And I also want to see the movie Tom Ford directed, A Single Man. Starring Colin Firth.

It hasn’t reached cinemas on this desert island of mine, for some reason.

And this was the Tom Ford post of the day!

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