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Today/Í dag/Heute/I dag

Today I had troubles getting up and snoozed for 40 minutes.
Today I went to a semantics class at 10 am. We laughed a lot. I like school.
Today I watched handball. Like yesterday.
Today my friend Darri cooked me dinner and we ate ridiculously early, around 5 pm. Which means I am hungry now!
Today I had a 30 minutes long “conference-call” with my friends about our upcoming weekend away at a “summer”house. It involved heated discussions about what we should eat this weekend. Oh, the severe problems we deal with in our lives…
Today the song “I have Confidence” from The Sound of Music has been stuck in my head.

Went to the theater to see the Sound of Music last Sunday. It was ok, not great, but ok. I like the movie better.


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Monday afternoon

I’ve said this before and I’m going to say it again: Being a university student is sweeeeeet. Well, most of the time.
Like now. I have no classes on Mondays and that’s why I’m sitting at home in my dressing gown watching handball at 3.30 pm. It’s windy and rainy outside so I’m very pleased that I don’t have to go outside today.
But I have studied. Really! And I’m going to do some more studying later.

The other day I saw the movie (500) Days of Summer.
I loooooved it. I loved the look, the colors, the clothes, the environment, the story and the actors. A feelgood movie if there ever was one.

Just writing about it makes me want to see it again.

Happy Monday!

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John, Paul, George and Ringo

I was determined to go to bed early yesterday. But when I was in bed, lights turned off and trying to fall asleep I realized: Not gonna happen…
So I gave up and randomly decided to watch my Beatles Anthology. Haven’t watched it in a long time.
It is a great documentary series, for those of you who haven’t seen it.

Cute boys aren’t they?

So I ended up watching one episode and went to bed way too late.
Btw, I always feel sorry for them when I see some of their early tv recordings. When their music gets drowned in the hysterical screams of teenage girls.

PS. George is my favorite

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Movie night

Just saw the movie An Education.
I enjoyed it, mostly because of the 60’s setting!

The leading actress, Carey Mulligan, was also very good.

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A bit of Fry…

I have been a bit obsessed about Stephen Fry lately. Well, to the extent that my friends have started making fun of me. In december I discovered QI, a quiz show he hosts – I encourage you to check it out if you don’t know it, and watched every single episode of it . I also watched his documentary about manic depression recently and I’ve even listened to some radio programs he has made for the BBC, including Fry’s English delight. Which I enjoyed very much, I mean, Fry + language = I like! Moreover I have recently watched his Stephen Fry in America shows.
AND, last night Stephen Fry even appeared in my dreams!
Crazy I say!

Also, all the QI watching led to the discovery of lots of British comedians (A new obsession in the making?) Consequently, many an hour of the past few weeks has been spent watching all sorts of clips on youtube. Youtube was a devoted friend of mine during the neverending flu. Thanks Youtube!
British comedy. I like it.

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Real life

Yes, today is the first day of “real life” in a long time. After the holidays and the neverending flu/virus thing.
I am not completely recovered though, hopefully soon.

So now I am sitting by the computer doing an assignment for my composition class, reading for the semantics class and listening to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance way too often.

I have mixed feeling about the lady in the picture above. Sometimes I find her really cool but other times, well, not so cool. I’m articulate today aren’t I?

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Seeing news from Haiti on tv makes me feel so powerless. I feel like there’s nothing I can do, I mean I’m just one little Icelandic girl.
But there was one thing I could do. Just now I gave some money to the Red Cross and that money is supposed to go to Haiti. It was not much but if many people do the same then the total sum could be substantial.
So I encourage you (the two or three persons who might stumble upon this blog…) to at least think about doing the same, see if you can’t spare just a little.


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