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Slow afternoon at work so I took some photos of all the pretty colors around me.
Yep, wool is a big part of my workplace 🙂


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Stuff I like



Love this, the colors and the shapes. They are made by an Icelandic girl, her website is here.

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What to knit?

I’ve been a very enthusiastic knitter all this year. I’ve knitted alot and spent lots of time browsing Ravelry and knitting blogs. I finished my last project over a month ago and haven’t knitted a thing since then. Took a break while I had my exams but now I’m itching to get started. But I just don’t know what to knit. I have no idea what I want to do.
Well, gonna keep on browsing Ravelry.

Hey, and this is my last FO. Lace dress. Pattern by Védís Jónsdóttir who makes patterns for Ístex



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So pretty



These amazing photos are taken by a girl I don’t know,  named Álfheiður Erla. I hope she doesn’t mind me posting them here. I’m enchanted by them. Here’s her flickr site:, I found it by coincidence.  Check it out! And the amazing thing is that she’s only 15 . What a talent.

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Breakfast at 6:30 pm

042Yep. This was my dinner, plain yoghurt, bananas and muesli. This is actually a typical dinner at my house. I live alone and I rarely cook a “proper” dinner. I can’t be bothered by cooking for myself only. Plus,  I HATE cooking. Seriously. It’s not that I am a total failure as a cook, I’ve been known to cook up something great once in a blue moon… It’s just that I find it ridicoulusly boring. Just as boring as cleaning,  to me it’s just another household chore. But I am lucky to have some great friends and relatives who invite me to dinner quite often and me and my friends often meet and cook together. That is, I watch and do something fun while somebody else cooks… But I help cleaning up and doing the dishes, really!

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The Cardigans and microeconomics go surprisingly well together. But I’ve said goodbye to microeconomics, for today that is. Unfortunately not forever! But I might continue enjoying the Cardigans in my backyard because I’m going outside. The weather is amazing, on an Icelandic scale at least.

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I love cakes:júní 043This is me. The bottom half that is… (I do have a  head and a face and everything) It’s taken on my birthday last year and my mother made all these wonderful cakes. Me and my friend, a fellow cake enthusiast, were talking about these cakes yesterday. Yum!
I want cake!

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